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I originally planned to post this yesterday, but I hate April Fools jokes so I decided to wait. I've already talked about my favorite villains from the franchise, but what about their crises? And what about the reactions of the bad guys when they are cornered and forced to confess? Today I am counting down the top 20 mistakes in Ace Attorney. A few things before we start.

1) I limited this to only assassins and rogues. Without witnesses or protagonists or accomplices. That is quite complicated.

2) Don't ask "where is -?" in the comments If I see it I delete it.


OK. With all that said, let's get started.

#20: Medaillenfresser (Jacques Portsman-Turnabout Visitor)

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Don't try this at home folks. Whether you're bad or not, that can't be good for you. I already said in my review that I don't like this case and Jacques Portsman as a villain. Both are kind of boring. However, this moment caused my eyebrows to rise in surprise. We have seen Jacques bite his medal when he was nervous and the idea of ​​breaking it seemed plausible. However, what he didn't expect is that he would end up eating it whole. Admit it... You swallowed inedible things at the age of 2. But this guy just swallowed a medal. If he doesn't die in prison of indigestion or some kind of metallic blood poisoning, I'd be surprised. Maybe it will give Simon Blackquill another funny story to tell.

19: Dulce derrota (Dane Gustavia-The Inherited Turnabout)

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This one is pretty silly because it gets unnecessarily long. We did have long glitches in the 3DS game space, but this one was pretty long for the 2D era. Using his tools, Chef Gustavia carves a large candy statue of himself at lightning speed, then slices it in half with something. Honestly, I think it's a waste of perfectly good candy. But seeing the man responsible for causing so much emotional damage to so many people collapse and also cut out an image of him, symbolizing the end of his freedom, was pretty satisfying, silly as it sounded.

#18: Tragic Clown (Luke Atmey – The Stolen Twist)

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Sometimes when the chips are down and the odds are not in your favor, all you can do is laugh. Laugh until there is no more air in your lungs. This won't be the last villain on this list to get a laugh during the meltdown. In the case of Luke Atmey, I think that was the moment his sanity snapped. The words he uses are exactly the same as the day before the trial, but he has now been exposed as the murderer. No one will love him now (except the fans) and his latest plan has failed. He claimed he had no rival worthy of his genius, but he also had no rival worthy of his folly. I guess he's just a laughing jester now. Did he end up in prison or an institution? I can't say anything specific right now.

#17: In the Spotlight (Roger Retinz - The Magic Twist)

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Ever wanted to see some idiot performer getting his dessert in the middle of a show? Well now you can see this guy. I hated Roger Retinz from the moment I saw him and his character development throughout the case only made me hate him more. However, his supposed "magic of him" was no match for Apollo as a lawyer, and when he tried to prove otherwise, he paid the price. His magic turned against him, revealing that he did indeed have blood on his hands, and it became visible to everyone as the spotlight passed on him. Gramareye's name would never be sullied and Trucy's spirit would never be broken. Excuse Retinz, but his show has been canceled forever.

#sixteen: Revenge of the Beasts (Simon Keyes - The Great Turning Point)

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I've talked to death about my love for this guy as a villain. The revenge plan he orchestrated was brilliant and he almost got away with it. But what about the timing of his introduction? When was your fool demoted to play with? let me say that. If you are being mean while training the animals in a circus, make sure the circus animals don't have a strong sense of justice as they will turn on you and beat you up if they do. All of Simon's animal friends give him a pretty brutal slap that includes being slapped in the face by birds, kicked by a monkey, slapped by a gorilla, and picked up by an elephant. Honestly, I think this would probably cause more pain than the devs were willing to show. But I think the lesson remains. Don't mess with animals, no matter how trained you think they are.

#15: You're Gonna Hear Me Roar (Furio Tiger-Rezept für Turnabout)

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Whoof... Talk about a way to silence a room. Recipe For Turnabout was pretty ridiculous, but Mr. Tiger was arguably the highlight of the second half. When things didn't go his way, he would literally yell at people, causing people (including the judge) to hide under the nearest available piece of furniture. However, the final roar from him would likely send Simba running for cover. He yelled so loud and so loud that there was actually a power outage in the courtroom. Granted, this was only done to show Godot's visor and give him a chance to throw a cup of coffee in Phoenix's face, but it was all caused by Tigre, who for some reason froze after the big scream from him. . He maybe he twisted his vocal cords after a roar like that. Who knows?

#14: Operation Failed (Pierce Nichody-Turnabout Time Traveler)

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In my villain countdown, I talked about Pierce Nichody being the best example of a likeable villain the franchise has ever seen, and I still stand by it. However, this changes the nature of the breakdown for him. Instead of being satisfying to watch, he feels heartbreaking, especially given the dialogue and thoughts he presents. Like the idea that this probably happened in real life. In addition to being Selena Sprocket's fiancée, Nichody was Selena's phone operator, and we know he didn't make it. Watching Nichody grow more and more frantic as he desperately tries to get the blood flowing, and then everything stops as we hear a long beep from a heart monitor signaling the end of a life as Pierce holds his chest in pain as he moans Selena's name . She died, and it is likely that part of Nichody died with her, fueling her desire for revenge on her. I didn't expect to feel this way about a murderer, but it worked incredibly well. It really is a tragedy, but well told.

#13: Laughing Mad (Calisto Yew-Turnabout Ablaze)

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let me be honest. People who laugh a lot scare me. I don't trust them because I feel like they don't understand empathy for the most negative emotions. But when that person who laughs is also a maniacal murderer who makes such creepy faces… God, I cringe down my spine. This is pure nightmare fuel. Well, although Calisto Yew was an accomplice in Turnabout Ablaze, he was the villain in Turnabout Reminiscence, which is why I included her here. I found this breakdown much scarier than Reminiscence, and I sincerely hope I never meet anyone who laughs like that. When I do this, I run as fast as I can in the opposite direction.

#12:TIMBEEERRRR! (Quercus Alba-Turnabout in Flames)

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This earns its place mainly for sheer satisfaction. This guy has been nothing but a stubborn jerk the entire time in Turnabout Ablaze, and he so badly wanted him to collapse once he was defeated for good. While it took breaking some rules and getting outside help, the job got done anyway and he was eventually fired. Seeing him stumble back and scream would have been good enough for me, but they did it all by giving us a terrifying image at the end. His skin seems to have split open in places when he reverted to his old man style, and his eyes turn into empty black sockets as he collapses like an inanimate doll. Okay, so that's not disruptive at all... You had to do that, didn't you, Capcom?

#11: The glasses do nothing (Blaise Debeste – The Forgotten Turnabout)

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Burn baby burn... I've raved about The Forgotten Turnabout several times, so let's get straight to the point. Blaise Debeste wasn't the first authority figure to challenge our good leads, but he certainly was one of the most despicable. We see him with this lighter throughout the case, but I never expected it to be of any use. I thought it was just Blaise roaring in anger over the fire, but then his false beard caught fire, burning her and pulling the hair from her head. I honestly didn't expect to laugh when this guy got punched, but I did. Also, I've heard that "glasses don't hurt" is a quote from a TV show, but I don't know what. I think it's a joke that I don't understand. Still, Blaise got his comeuppance from him. We've seen him fall apart again in Grand Turnabout, but I think this one was a little more satisfying after we found out about him. It may not have been the end, but it was still good to see.

#10: The Sound of Music (Pees'lubn Andistan'dhin-The Foreign Turnabout)

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I told you the glitches got longer when the series made the jump to the 3DS. I think it was pretty silly to see Pees'lubn Andistan'dhin morph from monk of music to Jesus of heavy metal, whipping up amps out of thin air, but the silliness went even further once Phoenix was able to prove his guilt. He plays a long, loud guitar solo that even Piano Gavin would cover their ears, then smashes through the speakers before smashing his guitar into the witness box. Only then do I get hit on the head with the broken part. This breakdown is pretty funny, which is why it ranks so high on the list. It was our first experience with the Khura'inese madness and it made our ears bleed. I think that if I want soul music I prefer classical piano. Thank you.


#9: Face Explosion (Godot Bridge to Rotunda)

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Boom enters the scope after one last hit. That is the main reason why he differentiated between assassins and villains. While what Godot did was wrong and walked the moral line pretty badly, he didn't classify him as a villain. But no matter what you think about it, no one can say that taking him down wasn't bittersweet. Godot was a man who couldn't let go of his pain and directed his anger at Phoenix, even though deep down he knew he was unjustified. Only after seeing Mia's ghost next to Phoenix does Godot begin to see the truth, and when all is said and done, the mask on his face explodes, shattering not only his physical mask but also his emotional mask. he. Her broken masks eventually led to her confession, which in itself was a stopping moment. This was the true ending of Trials & Tribulations and it did a very good job of it.

#8: Headbanging (Manfred Von Karma-Turnabout Goodbyes)

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This was the first big win for the franchise and it was the first time we had the incredible satisfaction of taking down a lousy bastard in court. Von Karma boasted of perfection for many years, but anyone could tell that his heart was black and cruel. It seemed like there was nothing he wouldn't do to win. However, as the events of the DL-6 incident came to a head, it became clear that Von Karma played a larger role than previously thought. He was the one who stole the world from Gregory Edgeworth, a great man who deserved better, and who sullied the heart of young Miles, who greatly admired his father. As Phoenix and Edgeworth team up to take him down, Von Karma breaks down and hits his head against the courthouse wall as he screams for death. Ironically, he would be the one death would greet in the near future. He's not that ironic, none of us would really miss him.

#7: Who am I? (The Phantom-Turnabout to Turnabout)

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We never knew much about the Ghost. It's not his name, who he works for or anything about his background. However, we have learned one thing. Despite everything, he was still a human who could feel fear. At the end of Turnabout For Tomorrow, the Ghost's identity threatens to be revealed, causing him to go berserk, lose his composure, and panic. As the courthouse collapses around him, he removes mask after mask, not knowing who he is after years of spying and lying. He turns his head towards the sky to scream, but then a sniper shoots at him, causing his true colors to fall back into shadow. Honestly, I find that creepy, especially the look in his eyes when he's wearing the phoenix mask, because it looks like his eyes are popping out of his skull. Although we never get our answer about who he is, he gives her the creeps, but he still has the satisfaction of knowing that he will never hurt anyone again.

#6: Trovejante Applaus (Damon Gant-Rise From The Ashes)

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Many villains like to laugh. Villains often get creepier when you defeat them, and all they do is laugh their heads off. However, Gant takes this to a whole new level. We saw his anger early on in the case, so we predicted that his collapse would be over the top in this case. However, we get something completely different. He straightens up and is silent for a moment, then starts clapping as he laughs. With each passing second, his laughter grows more fanatical and his clapping speeds up to the point where he claps unnaturally fast before slowing down as he continues to cackle. Gant was a no-nonsense, cool-headed villain who could intimidate people with just a look, and it's quite unsettling to see him react like that. I like this guy as a villain and give this breakdown credit for being what he didn't expect. Good job on that.

#5: Rituelles Fracassado (Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in-turnabout Revolution)

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Phoenix receives a lot of criticism due to his reputation for bragging. However, these bluffs will help you even when people call you for them. In this case, Apollo summons Queen Ga'ran's bluff and demands that she channel a spirit to demonstrate his spiritual power. Although it may seem mundane, the stakes are high. If Apollo's call fails, he, Phoenix, and Nahyuta will be executed and armed guards will surround them, ready to carry out the threat. Fortunately, Apollo's thinking abilities were strong, as when Ga'ran accepted her challenge, she was unable to channel anything, proving that she was a false queen with no right to the throne. Ga'ran desperately tried to show otherwise, but failed, causing her mind to completely collapse. Seeing her fall back into the pool of souls was incredibly satisfying, knowing that she was finally knocked down after taking so many lives. Here's the thing, Ga'ran. If a 14-year-old boy is seen as a better choice for the title of Queen, then he's screwed up. I hope the Holy Mother shows no mercy after her death. She doesn't deserve any. Not after what she did.

#4: Cicatrizes Autogeradas (Matt Engarde-Farewell, My Turnabout)

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Have you ever wanted to feel bad for doing the right thing but the justification is so sweet? This is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Matt Engarde is a bastard and we all wanted him to pay for what he did. After Shelley De Killer puts a target on his back, Matt panics, sweats, and realizes that whatever happens, his life is going to be hell. Your options are prison or death. While I'd much rather see him dead, it's so wickedly satisfying to watch him scratch some new scars across his face. Does that make me sadistic for wanting these things? I don't call this guy Hate and it's so satisfying to see him take back the pain he caused others by scratching the wounds on his face.

#3: Super Saiyan (sucesor de Kristoph Gavin-Turnabout)

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Jokes aside, seeing Kristoph Gavin finally blow up after revealing that everything he'd done was the best of Apollo Justice. The Turnabout Succession heaped the malice of Kristoph's actions all along, and then the events of Turnabout Trump occurred, leading to Kristoph's arrest. But it's not over yet. Vera's process in the present brings up her other actions. She was in charge of the dark ages of the law, and it was only through some minor manipulation of the law that Kristoph managed to get himself convicted. What makes it so satisfying? It was all orchestrated by Phoenix, the man whose life Kristoph ruined. Everything was repaired with the help of Kristoph's brother and ward. I'm sorry for Piano and Apollo for what they had to do since they both admired Kristoph, but I'm not sorry for Kristoph. I hope you enjoy solitary confinement from him for the rest of your life.

#2: Begging for Mercy (Aristotle Means-Turnabout Academy)

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This collapse is not dramatic. It doesn't fit with the main story of the game. It doesn't come from the best villain. So why is he so tall? Because the first time I saw it... I laughed out loud. This is by far the funniest breakdown of the entire damn series. I still laugh when I see the clip to this day. every time After Athena proves Professor Means guilty, he tries to ask the court for a lighter sentence, using silly excuses like bathroom fixtures, pay cuts, and layoffs. It obviously doesn't work and he's doomed after literally losing his teeth, but it's a lot of fun. If you want to laugh, watch this. End a big case in an unexpected but fun way. I agree.

#1: The Exorcism of a Demon (Dahlia Hawthorne-Bridge to the Turnabout)

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(Video) An attorney whose last resort is attempting to seduce the judge

Yes, yes... Dahlia is at the top of the list again. But let me ask you a question. Did you really expect Ace Attorney to become the bloody exorcist when you first played Trials and Tribulations? If you answered yes to this question, then you are a liar. This is a game about lawyers in an exaggerated version of a courtroom that requires suspension of disbelief. Suddenly, the idea of ​​channeling the spirit comes full circle, temporarily turning the game into The Conjuring. Not to mention, the ghost of him looks very crazy and is literally on fire from hell. It's dramatic, unexpected, scary, epic, and awesome all at the same time. There has never been a collapse like this, and I don't know if it will ever be over.

Well, that's all for this time. I hope everyone liked it. Until next time.


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