Security Guard Uniforms | Uniform shirts, trousers and boots (2023)

As a security guard, your uniform is not just a fashion statement, but an integral tool to convey authority and professionalism. To ensure you are valued at work, it is imperative to invest in quality safety uniforms that fit well. Clearly recognizable security uniforms also deter potential criminals, as they are less likely to challenge someone who appears to be an official representative of the company or organization.

When choosing safety uniforms, be sure to also consider the specific needs of your job, such as pockets for necessary equipment or reflective material for night security work. You may also want to ensure that your safety uniform is suitable for all weather conditions. Rainproof safety jacket, durable boots andtactical pantsIt will help you stay comfortable and presentable. By carefully choosing and maintaining your safety uniform, you can project confidence and authority, increasing your productivity.

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As the go-to store for security personnel, Galls offers a wide range of quality security personnel shirts and trousers for every situation and event. With Galls, you can be sure to look and feel your best while on duty.

What should security guards wear?

As a security guard, choosing the right outfit is crucial. It is recommended that security personnel wear uniforms that are easily recognizable and distinguish them from the crowd. A security guard's uniform must also be comfortable, as security guards may be required to stand or walk for long periods of time. The clothing options may vary depending on the working environment. For example, a security guard at a shopping mall might wear a suit and tie, while a security guard at a construction site might wear a safety vest and work boots. Whatever your security personnel's uniform, it's important to make sure it's clean, fits well, and reflects your organization's values ​​and professionalism. Maintaining a professional image creates a sense of security and helps deter any criminal activity.

Types of Safety Uniforms

The type of uniform worn by security personnel plays a crucial role in ensuring safety. There are many types of safety uniforms, each designed for a specific purpose. For example, the uniforms worn by public security personnel differentiate those from private security personnel. Public security personnel usually wear dark blue or black uniforms with prominent insignia, while private security personnel mainly wear navy suits or polo shirts. Military personnel, on the other hand, wear camouflage uniforms, which usually includeheavy bootsand bulletproof vest. Below are the five most common types of safety uniforms.


plain clothes safety uniform

Plainclothes security guard uniforms are for any security guard who wants to remain discreet while maintaining a high level of security and protection. The main advantage of plain security uniforms over traditional uniforms is their ability to blend into a crowd, making it easier to spot and identify potential threats without attracting unwanted attention. Safety uniforms in plain clothes include options such as jackets, trousers andconcealed carry vest.These uniforms are designed for comfort and versatility, suitable for both indoor and outdoor jobs. So if you want to provide security while keeping a low profile, plain security uniforms are the way to go.

casual safety uniform

Security Casual uniforms are becoming more common in the security industry. The traditional button-down look is being replaced by more comfortable and functional clothing. There are several reasons for this shift to informal security uniforms. It allows security personnel to move more efficiently and comfortably, allowing them to perform their duties more effectively. Additionally, it helps security guards blend more naturally into their environment, reducing the likelihood of being attacked by criminals. Finally, it promotes a closer and friendlier image of security personnel, which helps build relationships with the community and customers. As the security industry continues to evolve, it's clear that casual uniforms are here to stay.

reflective safety uniform

Reflective security uniforms not only increase the safety of security personnel, but also improve the safety of the facilities they monitor. Reflective safety uniformhi visible jacketMake them visible at night or in areas with low visibility so anyone approaching the area can easily spot them. This can significantly reduce the risk of a security breach by keeping potential intruders at bay. In addition, reflective security uniforms are a sign of professionalism and highlight the importance of security personnel in ensuring public safety. Overall, reflective safety uniforms are a must wherever safety and security are a priority.

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semi-formal security uniform

Semi-formal security uniforms are designed to give security personnel the perfect blend of professionalism and functionality. These uniforms are made of high-quality fabrics that are comfortable to wear for a long time. While traditional security uniforms are considered too formal or intimidating, semi-formal uniforms balance authority and approachability. They can be customized to include logo badges, pins and other accessories to reflect a company's brand. In addition, the uniform is designed to provide convenient storage options for the equipment and other accessories that security personnel need to perform their duties. With semi-formal security uniforms, security companies can ensure that their employees represent their brand well, while providing their customers with a high level of protection and safety.

security officer uniform

When it comes to safety uniforms, professionalism is key. Formal security uniforms create a sense of authority and respect and provide clear visual identification for guards. A well-dressed, well-maintained and well-cut uniform will not only look professional to a guard, but they will also be more comfortable and able to perform their duties effectively. Many formal security uniforms include a standard shirt, pants, tie, or other accessories to complete the look. In addition to their aesthetic value, these uniforms are made of durable materials that can withstand the stress of daily use and provide guards with extra protection in emergency situations.

Safety uniforms features:

Safety uniforms are essential to project the right image of any business or organization. These uniforms have been developed over the years to provide a number of features to ensure safety in the workplace. One of these features is high visibility clothing designed to be easily identified by security personnel. This helps deter potential intruders and makes it easier for employees to find security if needed. Another important feature of safety uniforms is durability. These uniforms are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of the job. In addition, safety uniforms are often designed with multiple pockets and compartments to allow the person to carry necessary equipment such as radios and flashlights. These practical features ensure that security personnel can perform their duties efficiently while projecting a professional image.

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Security guard uniform requirements

Security guards are an essential part of any organization. As the first line of defense against unauthorized access and potential threats, they play an important role in keeping the people and property for which they are responsible safe. Security guard uniforms are an important aspect of their job and should be taken seriously. You can convey authority, professionalism and security to those around you. The requirements for security uniforms vary depending on the location, company and the specific duties of the guard. Security guards are generally required to wear conspicuous and easily recognizable clothing with identifying markings, such as the name of the company or the security guard, in a prominent place. Ensuring that security personnel wear the correct uniform is essential to maintaining a safe environment.

Where can I buy safety uniforms?

As a security guard, you must present a professional image at all times. This includes wearing a proper uniform, which is a sign of authority and trust. When purchasing uniforms for security personnel, it can be challenging to find reliable sources that offer quality equipment at reasonable prices. Fortunately, is the perfect solution for those looking for premium safety uniforms. offers a wide variety of uniforms and equipment that provide security professionals with everything they need to perform their duties safely and effectively. With great prices, customer service and quality products, it's no surprise that is a popular choice for one-stop shopping. So if you want to buy safety uniforms online, is the place to go.

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Where can I buy safety uniforms?

When looking for the perfect safety uniforms, it is important to rely on reputable and reliable sources. Just look at the gills. As one of the leading providers of security and law enforcement equipment, Galls offers a variety of options to meet your needs. Whether you need shirts, trousers, jackets or accessories, Galls has you covered. Not only do they offer a diverse range of products, but they also put quality first, ensuring your uniform lasts through the toughest days.

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What is the uniform of a security guard?

Security guards play a vital role in ensuring the safety of property and people. Safety uniforms typically consist of a solid color shirt with the company logo applied to the badge, usually on the left or right side of the chest. The trousers are usually dark in color and have no extra pockets or visible accessories. Depending on company standards or specific job responsibilities, some uniforms may include additional equipment such as tool belts, hats or reflective vests.

What are safety uniforms?

In the world of security, uniforms play a vital role in maintaining a professional and authoritative image. Security personnel have an important responsibility to protect the safety of people and property. To carry out their work, security personnel must be equipped with the necessary tools, including standard uniforms. Uniforms play a vital role in the security industry and are designed to serve different purposes. One type of safety uniform is the traditional dress uniform, which is typically worn at formal events. With a sharp and elegant look, these uniforms are designed to convey an image of dignity and respect. Another type is the tactical uniform, made of durable fabric and usually equipped with several pockets to carry the necessary equipment. Tactical uniforms are ideal for patrol and guard duty. Each type of uniform has a unique purpose, which means choosing the right uniform for the job is critical.


What trousers do security guards wear? ›

Most security guards wear a shirt or polo shirt and plain trousers as a base layer, covered with a jumper to keep warm, or a suit jacket if working in a professional environment.

What kind of clothes do security guards wear? ›

A security officer will often be required to wear a uniform by their employer. The uniform may consist of a badge, polo shirt or t-shirt, jacket and boots. The uniform acts to inform the public of his or her role and deter bad actors from committing a crime. A hat and sunglasses may also be a part of the uniform.

What is the color of shirt uniform for private security guards? ›

Traditional security guard uniforms are typically a navy blue or black blazer with a white shirt, black trousers, and a necktie.

What are types of security uniforms? ›

5 Major Types of Security Uniforms
  • Plainclothes.
  • Casual.
  • Reflective.
  • Semiformal.
  • Formal.
Jun 21, 2022

Do security guards have to tuck in their shirts? ›

You have to wear your shirt tucked in as it is part of the uniform.

Can security guards wear steel toe boots? ›

Boots/ shoes should ideally be waterproof and non-slip to allow for the various conditions they may face. Steel toe caps should not be used as they may cause injury to a person being restrained by the guard. Instead, look for composite toe caps which will offer protection without causing harm.

What gear should a security officer carry? ›

The right security gear belt will make it easy for the guard to carry and access pepper spray, a flashlight, handcuffs, a taser, and a holster and gun. Fumbling for equipment or not having it ready when it's needed can make a bad situation worse — or prevent the guard from doing his or her job.

What is the appearance of a security guard? ›

Professional Appearance: A tie, vest or blazer with a long sleeve standard company uniform shirt. This includes black pants, black shoes and a company badge. All company shirts are in black, navy blue or white and come with long or short sleeves. Casual Appearance: This look is most popular for events.

How security should dress? ›

There is the need of a trustworthy and professional face in the security service, enhanced by formal clothing. The security guard wears a classic suit, including a suit jacket, trousers and a shirt, matched with accessories and uniforms, like ties, brooches and elegant scarves.

Can anyone wear a security shirt? ›

No. However, if you are enployed by a security company, they can reprimand you for wearing their uniform off duty. You can also get into trouble if you are impersonating security by taking actions that would lead a reasonable person to believe that you are security for that property.

Why do guards wear red tunics? ›

The usage of red coats by English soldiers dates back to the Tudor period, when the Yeomen of the Guard and the Yeomen Warders were both equipped in the royal colours of the House of Tudor, red and gold.

Is security guard white collar? ›

Grey-collar jobs

These types of jobs are often public servant jobs or jobs that require fast reactions and the ability to be perceptive of changing work conditions and the environment. Some grey-collar jobs include: Firefighters. Security guards.

What are the 4 security types? ›

What are the Types of Security? There are four main types of security: debt securities, equity securities, derivative securities, and hybrid securities, which are a combination of debt and equity.

What are the three types of uniforms? ›

As a beginner, it helps to know that each uniform serves a specific purpose and falls into one of three general categories: the combat uniform, the service uniform or the dress uniform.

What are the 4 key elements of uniform wear? ›

The standards for wearing the uniform consist of four elements: neatness, cleanliness, safety, and military image.

Can security guards wear plain clothes? ›

There are two primary types of security guards: Plain clothes and uniformed security guards.

Can security guards wear jeans? ›

Sneakers/tennis shoes, jeans, shorts, sweatpants and/or T-shirts are not acceptable attire for any security guard while on duty.

Do security guards have to stand? ›

Security Guards may work long hours both during the day and at night. Security Guards may be assigned work requiring them to stand or walk for extended amounts of time.

What shoes do I wear as a security guard? ›

Lightweight footwear and breathability – Lightweight boots or meshed shoes are good in the summer as this will help in preventing oudour and athlete's foot. Ankle support – When your standing constantly on your feet, you may want to consider ankle support.

How do you wear security boots? ›

  1. Try on new boots around midday. ...
  2. Walk in new footwear to ensure it is comfortable.
  3. Boots should have ample toe room (toes should be about 12.5 mm from the front). ...
  4. Make allowances for extra socks or special arch supports when buying boots. ...
  5. Boots should fit snugly around the heel and ankle when laced.

Can security guards wear body armor? ›

Regardless, all security guards face potential dangers, and all need to be sure that they are protecting themselves from all of the possible threats associated with their job. Because of this, security guards often need to wear body armor.

What not to do as a security officer? ›

What can't security guards do?
  • Detain people for an unlimited amount of time | They do not have the power to detain anyone indefinitely. ...
  • Use unreasonable force | To include, but not restricted to, the application of pain, choking, improper use of handcuffs, threatening and/or abusive language, and discrimination.

What are 4 security guards responsibilities? ›

Performing routine inspections in the areas they are guarding. Securing specific areas during maintenance work and emergencies. Monitoring activities on security camera video monitors. Staying alert and observant, and reporting suspicious activities.

What are the three types of security officers? ›

Your choice is to use either (Unarmed) Non-Commissioned Security, (Armed) Commissioned Security and Off-Duty Police Officers. Your unique needs and threat level will dictate which type of security officer you will need.

What are the 3 main duties of security guard? ›

Secures premises and personnel by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment, and access points. Investigates security breaches, incidents, and other alarming behavior. Controls traffic by directing drivers. Completes reports by recording observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities.

What is the professional name for a security guard? ›

A security guard (also known as a security inspector, security officer, factory guard, or protective agent) is a person employed by a government or private party to protect the employing party's assets (property, people, equipment, money, etc.)

What is the 5 outfit rule? ›

The five outfit rule is pretty simple. When you see an item that you just have to have you can only buy it if you can think of five different outfits that you can wear it with. These outfits should come to mind straight away, no having to wrack your brains to desperately come up with things, and no cheating.

What is a security uniform? ›

It usually consists of a sport coat, tie, white shirt, and dress slacks. It is the preferred uniform for officers fulfilling more of a customer service role.

Do security guards have to be in shape? ›

No U.S. states require any kind of physical fitness test, at least for now, however some companies who are looking to hire may potentially require some sort of fitness evaluation, just to make sure a possible employee has the capability to do what is required while on the job.

Why do security wear vests? ›

The aim is to wear covert vests beneath other items of clothing for discreet full protection. Covert bulletproof protection offers an obvious advantage for security personnel working undercover. It also makes it far easier for members of a covert security detail to keep safe while blending in with others.

Can you wear jewelry as a security guard? ›

Ornamentation: On duty uniformed officers shall not wear any unauthorized ornamentation such as large conspicuous rings or necklaces. Conservative jewelry is generally approved. A wedding or engagement ring is appropriate, not a ring on every finger or thumb.

What are the 5 guards? ›

The five Regiments of Foot Guards are the Grenadier Guards, the Coldstream Guards, the Scots Guards, the Irish Guards and the Welsh Guards.

Why do guards wear hats over their eyes? ›

The members of the King's Guard wear tall and very unique hats, which are believed to have been designed to make the infantry appear more fearsome and tall during confrontations and battles.

Why do the guards wear GREY? ›

The red tunics are called 'Home Service dress tunics'. These are worn in the summer months – April until October. During autumn and winter they change into great coats – long grey coats – much more practical for the weather they have to endure while standing guard outside Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle.

What does black collar mean? ›

Black Collar Workers

While it has now taken on a new meaning, it was once used to label those with jobs as coal miners, oil workers, and other similar positions. Now, black collar workers are the creative types of professionals like artists, graphic designers, and video producers.

What is a purple collar job? ›

Information technology (IT) professionals, for example, are skilled workers who fall in both the white- and blue-collar classifications, and therefore are known as purple-collar workers. These are primarily white-collar workers who occasionally perform blue-collar responsibilities, such as technicians and engineers.

What is the highest collar job? ›

Gold collar – Refers to highly-skilled professionals in high-demand fields such as airline pilots, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and scientists.

What are the 4 C's in security? ›

Securing the 4 Cs of Cloud-Native Systems: Cloud, Cluster, Container, and Code.

What are the 7 layers of security? ›

The Seven Layers Of Cybersecurity
  • Mission-Critical Assets. This is data that is absolutely critical to protect. ...
  • Data Security. ...
  • Endpoint Security. ...
  • Application Security. ...
  • Network Security. ...
  • Perimeter Security. ...
  • The Human Layer.

What are the 7 uniform services? ›

(7) “uniformed services” means the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, Coast Guard, Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service.

What is the code of uniform? ›

A Uniform Civil Code means that all sections of the society irrespective of their religion shall be treated equally according to a national civil code, which shall be applicable to all uniformly. They cover areas like- Marriage, divorce, maintenance, inheritance, adoption and succession of the property.

What is Type C attire? ›

Type C uniform is commonly used during our ROTC training. It symbolized simplicity, humility, and unity. During training days, cadets should be as simple as possible wearing only the essentials. Simplicity is taken literally as a reminder of focusing on the things that truly matter. Humility paves the way to learning.

What are the two types of uniform? ›

Types of Uniform
  • School Uniform. The attire that students wear to school, college, or even universities is known as a “school uniform.” Every student in a school wears the same color-coded uniform. ...
  • Military Uniform. ...
  • Prison Uniform. ...
  • Sports Uniform or Jersey. ...
  • Corporate Uniform. ...
  • Medical Uniform. ...
  • Hospitality Uniforms.
Dec 21, 2022

How do you categorize employee uniforms? ›

If the clothing being purchased is for employees to wear as part of their job (e.g. uniforms), then it would typically be classified as a cost of goods sold.

What is uniform style? ›

What is a Style Uniform? A style uniform is a specific outfit that you wear on repeat, like jeans, a black turtleneck, and sneakers a la Steve Jobs. Unlike his iconic uniform, a style uniform can be loosely interpreted as a personal uniform or signature look.

How do you dress like a bodyguard? ›

Usually it consists of a buttoned back suit, sunglasses, a white shirt and a black tie. In all instances, the bodyguard disguise is very useful, as it allows the player to infiltrate security perimeters and they may even carry weapons legally, while preventing them from being detected easily.

What is Securitas uniform? ›

The primary color of our uniform is the SEC Navy Blue supported by our secondary palette (white and greys).

Do all security guards have to shave? ›

Typically, security guards or security officers must maintain a professional appearance on the job. Often that means a shaven face or well-groomed beard.

What is the personal appearance of a security guard? ›

Professional Appearance: A tie, vest or blazer with a long sleeve standard company uniform shirt. This includes black pants, black shoes and a company badge. All company shirts are in black, navy blue or white and come with long or short sleeves. Casual Appearance: This look is most popular for events.

Does Securitas give you a badge? ›


The client receives a badge engraved with an identification number and the amount of the finder's fee. Finders return the lost keys to any Securitas branch office and are paid the finder's fee in cash.

What do the 3 red dots mean on Securitas? ›

Securitas' core values of integrity, vigilance and helpfulness are a foundation for our employees. The three dots in our logo represent these three core values.

Is Securitas better than Allied? ›

Securitas scored higher in 7 areas: Overall Rating, Culture & Values, Senior Management, Compensation & Benefits, CEO Approval, Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook.

Can security guards wear long nails? ›

Fingernails Security officers are expected to groom their fingernails so that they are free of dirt and neatly trimmed. Fingernail length will not extend more than an eighth of an inch from the end of the finger.


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