Mahek Bukhari's murder trial was updated live on the 15th (2023)

For today's updates, visit our new live blog by clicking here.. The hearing is scheduled to begin between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

TikTok und Instagram-StarMahek Bujariwill testify in the ongoing murder trial. The jury has concluded the prosecution hearing and the defense trials for the eight defendants are ongoing. His mother, Ansreen Bukhari, has already finished the testimony.

The jury was previously told that Mahek's mother, 47, had an extramarital affair with one of the fatalities in the car crash, Saqib Hussain, 21. She allegedly tried to blackmail the family into paying £2,000 and threatened to post explicit photos and videos of the accused on the internet.

Prosecutors said an ambush was staged to steal Saqib's phone and confiscate the sexual images. A meeting was arranged and Saqib drove his friend Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin to meet Mahek and his mother in TescoHamilton, Leicester.

SEE MORE INFORMATION: Mahek Bukhari's mother, who faces charges in the Tik Tok murder, speaks out in the case of "harassment and extortion".

But they appeared to have sensed a trap and fled down the A46 in a Skoda Fabia, and Saqib called the police on 999 and said they were being hit by two other vehicles and someone was trying to kill them.The terrifying call to 999, which ends in an accident, was thrown before the jury.

They crashed into a tree on the median of the freeway on Friday, February 11 this year, breaking the car in two and catching fire around 1:30 a.m. Both suffered serious traumatic injuries and are believed to have died before the fire broke out.

All defendants deny murder and an alternative charge of manslaughter. The accused are: Natasha Akhtar, (22), of Alum Rock Road, Birmingham,Mahek Bujari, (23), und Ansreen Bukhari, (47), Ambos von George Eardley Close, Stoke, Raees Jamal, (22), de Lingdale Close, Loughborough, Rekan Karwan, (28), de Tomlin Road, Northfields, Leicester, Mohammed Patel, (20), de Braybrooke Road, Northfields, Leicester, Sanaf Gulammustafa, (22), de Littlemore Close, Crown Hills, Leicester und Ammeer Jamal, (27), de Catherine Street, Belgrave, Leicester.

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Today's updates will begin soon

Today the blog is still live here. The hearing is scheduled to begin between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

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Mahek Bukhari admits he lied to the police

TikTok star Mahek Bukhari admits telling "a lot of lies" after fatal accident on A46

Mahek Bukhari's murder trial was updated live on the 15th (1)

Tom Kershaw

Summary of the second afternoon test

- Mahek Bukhari says the cars "running" on the A46 were not a chase.

- Mahek admitted he "had to get this content" from Saqib Hussain's phone.

- He said his “heart was pure” when he went to Saqib, but he knew violence was possible.

- She said that nobody spoke in the car as the occupants were in shock. His mother didn't cry, but she was upset by the scenes of the burning Skoda vehicle.

- Mahek said he had poor visibility of the scene in front of the Audi vehicle in which he was a passenger due to the shape of the vehicle. The rear passenger seats are only for two people, not three.

To see the latest evidence in the case, clickHere.

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court adjourned

The case was adjourned for today.Mahek BujariHe will return to the witness stand Thursday morning. Judging resumes at 10 a.m.

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"Non-Audi atmosphere"

Mahek said of the “car atmosphere in the Audi”: “My mother had negative energy. I didn't notice anything else. There was no connection between the Audi [she was driving] and the Seat. Not on the phone with everyone."

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'Scarf or Balaclava'

Coming back to the evidence heard today, Mahek Bukhari said: "Mohammed Patel wore a scarf around his neck but I'm not sure if it was a balaclava. Just a scarf around your neck.”

(Video) TikTok Star MaybVlogs Allegedly Had Man Killed Because He Was About Expose Affair With Her Mum

Tom Kershaw

CCTV Images

Video footage is played in the courtroom showing Mahek and his mother Ansreen an hour after the accident. The vehicles were parked at this time and the occupants of the vehicles were on foot.

Tom Kershaw

“Not the planned weekend”

Mahek planned to attend an event in London where he would be staying in a hotel. She was supposed to drive to Saqib's family home in Banbury on her way to London because she knew "he wouldn't misbehave there". "It wasn't the weekend we planned," he added.

Tom Kershaw

"The plan went wrong"

Asked if it was a "plan gone awry", Mahek said: "My heart was pure when I went there to meet it. Nobody instigated taking it off the street. Of course not. The way and way the Skoda drove." not normal. The speed was fast but I wouldn't say it looked bad."

Tom Kershaw

"I had to get this content"

"The cars were moving at the speed limit one would think and hope there would be no accident. Common sense observations, right?" asked Mr. Herrero.

Mahek: Yes, it is. But it was Skoda who drove too fast.

Defense attorney Mr Smith replied: "With a Seat Leon right rear?"

"I don't know how close," Mahek replied.

Smith said cars that go too fast are a "recipe for disaster." And he added: "I suggest it was a chase, otherwise why would Seat be with Skoda?"

Mahek: "It was confusing for me. There was speed, I can't deny it. I had to put that content on the phone, yes."

Tom Kershaw

A46 events

Rekan Karwan, represented by Mr Smith, discusses what is happening on the A46 with Mahek Bukhari.

"No one said anything in our car at the time," said Mahek Bukhari. The TikTok star said that the back seat of his free Audi TT car is not suitable for three people and that the view from the back seat is very poor due to the vehicle's sporty shape. The court said it was only intended for two people.

"The car was on fire when I saw it," Mahek told the court. Smith asked, "Were you panicking at that point?"

She replied: "I froze, I didn't show my emotions. Nobody in the car said anything.”

Ms Bukhari was arrested seven hours later. Smith asked, "Did you feel really bad during those seven hours?"

"Yes," she replied.

Tom Kershaw

"Help Was Near"

Speaking of "male help," Miss Mahek continued, "I knew help [with Mohammed Patel and Jamal Raees] was at hand if you needed it."

(Video) TikTok Star MaybVlogs Mother Tells Court ‘Im Ashamed Of Having Affair With Murder Victim’

Tom Kershaw

Mahek 'wanted male company'

Mahek said she was embarrassed by the "situation". Rekan [Karwan] and Raees [Jamal] didn't know why the TikTok star wanted to meet Saqib Hussain, the court was told.

Mahektold the court: “I told him that I was being blackmailed and that the person [Saqib] would send indecent photos and photos of me. I never told him it was my mother. I knew it was going to be violent." . I wanted male company. I didn't want to meet another man alone in a parking lot at night without another man."

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Mahek Bukhari is back

Miss Bukhari is back on the stand.

Tom Kershaw

the process goes on

The jury is recalled in court.

Tom Kershaw

Summary of the murder trial in the afternoon

- Mahek admits she "told a lot of lies" to police, including her story of how she drove to Nottingham and said she and her mother were the only occupants of the Audi vehicle.

- The TikTok star says she was "embarrassed" by her mother's affair with Saqib, 21, and that was the reason for her lies.

- Mahek's mother, Ansreen Bukhari, was upset and shocked by the events that ended the lives of Saqib Hussain and Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin.

- Mahek says the group of defendants parked for an hour before returning to Stoke. She says she "wanted to know if Saqib was okay" before going back.

Mahek Bukhari's murder trial was updated live on the 15th (2)

Tom Kershaw

Brief adjournment

The court returns at 3:00 p.m. M. after a short break in the proceedings.

Tom Kershaw

"Shock and turmoil"

Mahek says her mum was shocked and upset by the turn of events, as cars "chased each other on the A46". The Tiktok star said her mum Ansreen "didn't cry" but was upset by the alleged "bullying".

Tom Kershaw

Attack on Tesco car parks?

Thompson continued: "Did you plan on Saqib being attacked in the Tesco car park?"

Mahek replied, "No."

Mister. Thompson: "Did you want to see him in the Tesco car park?"

Mahek: "Sim".

Thompson replied, "Did you ever say 'Hit' when you were driving on the A46?"

(Video) TikTok Star Mahek Bukhari, Mother Ansreen & 6 Others Go on Trial for Execution of Saqib Hussain

Mahek said, "No."

Thompson added: "Did you intend to take the life of Saqib Hussain?"

Mahek replied, "No."

Tom Kershaw

"I've told too many lies"

Thompson said, "Did you tell a lot of lies?"

Mahek replied, "Yes, I have told many lies. I was so embarrassed about the whole situation. I didn't want to accept it. I didn't want to tell anyone. I would go straight to my father and destroy the whole family."

Tom Kershaw

"Say it was just me and my mom in the car"

Mahek said he spoke to co-defendant "Risky" Raees Jamal on the phone. "Risky just said me and my mom were in the car and we said it was fine," Mahek told the court. "I said that because I didn't want anyone else to interfere. It was a private matter between me and my mother. Second, I was very embarrassed about my mother's case.”

Tom Kershaw

"I went home and went to sleep"

Mahek continued: “My father and brother were sleeping at home at dawn. I went to sleep. When I woke up there were missed calls.”

Tom Kershaw

Why Nottingham?

Mahek told the court he "just went with Nottingham" when he told police the story.

Mahek said: "When the police asked me I just said 'yes we were in Nottingham'. Mom was shocked, she was shaking. I was satisfied with her. I don't really show my feelings on the outside." She's frozen inside."

Thompson said: "Has it been suggested that it be told to Nottingham Police? Where were you?"

Mahek replied, "No, not then. It was close. So I decided to go back to Stoke."

Tom Kershaw

I traveled back to Leicester in silence

Mahek says the occupants of the vehicle drove back to Leicester in silence. They had parked for an hour after the deadly double crash. CCTV caught TikTok star Mahek and his mother Ansreen at the end of the group.

Tom Kershaw

"Vehicle on fire"

Mahek said: “Then I got there [at Seat] and I saw the scene. The vehicle caught fire. I realized it had to be the Skoda car.”

She added: "I was confused by the flames. I didn't want to think the worst about Saqib. I wanted to think that he was fine. is he ok is he ok I froze, not knowing what to do."

The court heard the two cars, Audi and Seat, and then they traveled back to Leicester together.

Mahek Bukhari's murder trial was updated live on the 15th (3)

Tom Kershaw

(Video) Mahek Bukhari murder trial | The Affair

Why did you stop?

Thompson asked why the TikTok star's car stalled.

Mahek Bukhari replied: “Rekan [Karwan] has decided to change drivers. Rekan wanted to stop to change drivers. He got out on the driver's side and I sat in the driver's seat. We couldn't see the seat when I got out. So I left." .

Tom Kershaw

"I didn't see the accident"

Mahek: "I didn't see the Skoda accident or the drive into the middle reserve. I didn't see it because I walked away. I didn't hear the noise of the incident."

The court heard the Audi continued to follow the seat of the "lead car" along the A46 motorway. The Seat left the access road first.

Tom Kershaw

Skoda and Seat collide?

MahekHe said in court: "The Audi was in lane one. Relative to the other vehicles, we were behind the Seat and the Skoda. [about a car] away." Mahek asks the jury to evaluate the vehicles.

"I see brakes, traffic lights and there may have been contact. At one point I told Rekan [Karwan] not to damage my car. Nothing was said about 'accident'.”

Thompson said, "Did you plan to kill Saqib and his friend?"

Mahek: "No, absolutely not."

Mister. Thompson: "How did you think this would end?"

Mahek: "I thought he would always go away."

Tom Kershaw

'Send Send'

Thompson asked Mahek, "Can you explain what 'send, send, send, man' means?"

Mahek replied: "So, faster, faster, faster. I noticed that the car I was in [the Audi] was going faster and faster. I sat in the back, my mother was in front of you.”

Thompson said, "What was your opinion?"

Mahek replied, "I didn't have much vision, but I could see [generally]."

Thompson said, "It was a chase, wasn't it?"

Mahek said, "No, I wouldn't really call it stalking."

Thompson said, "In which direction was the vehicle driven?"

Mahek: “It was driven very, very fast. I told him to slow down.”

Mister. Thompson said, "What about the Skoda vehicle?"

Mahek said, "He drove fast, erratically, getting in and out of lanes." He added, "I couldn't see the seat from where I was sitting."

Thompson replied, "Was there any contact between the Skoda and the [Audi] car you were in?"

Mahek said, "No, there wasn't, but they pushed us aside."

Tom Kershaw

"I will expose you"

Thompson asked the TikTok star, "Have you ever said, 'Look what I'm doing to you'? Was that said during the call?”

Mahek, explaining that he thought Saqib was going home to Stoke, replied: "He didn't say, he said 'Look what I'm going to do. I'm going to expose you'."

The court was told the three-minute conversation was exchanged between the occupants of the car. “I trusted Rekan [Karwan] to take me with him. He's taken me with him before," Mahek said in court.


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