Jackson Hewitt 2023 in review: Attractive $25 introductory price, but less attractive UX (2023)

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Jackson Hewitt is back this tax season with an update to online tax software. Instead of paying more for additional tax forms and deductions, Jackson Hewitt offers affordable flat rates to file your taxes online. Pay your federal tax return and as many state tax returns as you need for as little as $25.

There are some downsides to consider. Jackson Hewitt's basic software lags behind the competition (there is no ability to upload documents or tax forms) and has limited customer support for online filing. There is no context-sensitive tax help, and the software often links to the IRS website for more information.

Still, Jackson Hewitt offers clients a basic, low-cost online tax software option. If you're confident about filing your income taxes and don't need fancy features or expert help, Jackson Hewitt may be a good choice, especially if you have income from multiple states.

Jackson Hewitt 2023 in review: Attractive $25 introductory price, but less attractive UX (1)
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  • Negotiate
  • infinite return
  • Powerful security features


  • Failed to import table
  • The online platform is not as easy to use as its competitors.
  • minimal support
  • Cannot file online with tax professionals like other services
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Who Should Use Jackson Hewitt Tax Software?

With its low price, simple interface and straightforward approach, Jackson Hewitt is best for bargain hunters who want to pay their taxes and get on with their year. It's also worth considering if you earn money in multiple states and need to file returns in multiple states. Most competitors charge about $40 for each additional state return, and there are options likecash application feeMultiple status returns are not allowed at all.

It's also a good option for those who don't like being bombarded with upgrade offers, notifications and overly complicated questions. Jackson Hewitt's UX is for people who believe that "less is more."

Jackson Hewitt is a particularly good deal for people who earn money in multiple states and need to file taxes in multiple states. Most competitors charge about $40 for each additional state rebate, and some options, such as cash filing taxes, do not allow multiple state rebates.

Finally, if you're not put off by data entry and don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for professional tax preparation, Jackson Hewitt may be a good option.

Who Shouldn't Use Jackson Hewitt's Tax Software?

If you're looking for customer service or the ability to upload multiple forms, have complex returns or need expert tax help, try anotheronline tax servicesLack of comprehensive support and interpretation of the forms can lead to entry errors or missing tax deductions.

Jackson Hewitt products and prices

as, Jackson Hewitt offers online and in-person tax preparation in offices, including approx3,000 kiosks in Walmart storesthrough the United States. The cost of filing your taxes in person with Jackson Hewitt varies based on your income type, filing status, and required forms. Last year, Jackson Hewitt offered two online filing options (do-it-yourself and filing with a tax professional), but this year it is offering an online self-service option.

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The Jackson Hewitt profile option is known for its flat fee of $25, which includes unlimited federal and state returns. Most other services charge separately for your federal return and each state return.

The main downside to this cheap option is that you use less complex software that can feel clunky at times and you have to enter your own data. There is no option to upload forms or other tax documents for automatic entry.

All IRS forms and schedules are covered, but you need to make sure you've filled out everything required for your particular situation and that the information is accurate. There is no further explanation along the way, so you have to figure out the difficult tables yourself.

Use Jackson Hewitt's online tax software

Jackson Hewitt's online platform feels uncomfortably simple. The software uses a question and answer process to collect your personal information, wages and earnings, deductions and credits, and then, based on your answers, guides you through filling out various IRS forms.

Because of the small boxes on the forms, the wording of the questions, and the lack of contextual help, the whole process can seem like you're using the version of software used by corporate tax preparers.

Jackson Hewitt provides a "Guide me through all my choices" button that allows you to jump directly to data entry for a particular section, but does not provide any navigation charts to help you understand where you are in the process.

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Even the navigation links to general federal sections like income, dependents, deductions, and credits disappear when you get to the questions and forms. The overall user experience of filing with Jackson Hewitt can be disorienting - it's easy to get lost.

Manually filling in all the individual boxes and amounts can also make the tax preparation process tedious. Jackson Hewitt works best when you only have a few tax forms to file.

Jackson Hewitt 2023 in review: Attractive $25 introductory price, but less attractive UX (2)

Jackson Hewitt does not have a dedicated mobile app for iPhone or Android, but the browser-based software is optimized for mobile devices and works well. The minimalist aesthetic and easy navigation work well on smaller screens.

Like its competitors, Jackson Hewitt displays your estimated federal and state tax refunds or charges at the top as you go. However, you won't find help resources for competing services liketurbo taxo.If you don't have many problems it shouldn't be a problem, but if you have severe problems it can be a pain.

Other notable characteristics of Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt's online tax software offersmore guarantees:

  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee: Jackson Hewitt will pay IRS penalties and interest resulting from software miscalculations. You must notify Jackson Hewitt in writing within 10 days of receiving the IRS notice and the Service will not submit an amended return.
  • MAXIMUM MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you find a higher refund for another service, you can get your $25 fee back. If you lost a large amount on a chargeback, it's probably not a big deal.
Jackson Hewitt 2023 in review: Attractive $25 introductory price, but less attractive UX (3)

A useful search function in the Help section allows you to search for forms directly using keywords or form numbers. Enter e.g. "child care" to go directly to IRS Form 2441, Child and Dependent Care Expenses. Again, you need to know your tax very well to take advantage of this feature.

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Jackson Hewitt Security Center is probably the most powerful feature of the software. This page, accessed from the My Account link, allows you to configure or change multi-factor authentication, displays current and historical session data, and allows you to add or remove trusted devices.


Jackson Hewitt's online tax filing software has everything anyone needs to file taxes inexpensively. It's best for DIYers who don't mind data entry, are familiar with tax situations, and know how to report income, deductions, and credits. But those who need support and guidance may want more.

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Jackson Hewitt 2023 in review: Attractive $25 introductory price, but less attractive UX? ›

Jackson Hewitt vs. H&R Block: Comparing Costs to File

In terms of in-person filing with a tax pro, Jackson Hewitt's base rate is less than what H&R Block charges. There is a trade-off, however, since Jackson Hewitt has fewer locations to choose from and there's no option to file with a tax professional virtually.

Is Jackson Hewitt less expensive than H&R Block? ›

Jackson Hewitt vs. H&R Block: Comparing Costs to File

In terms of in-person filing with a tax pro, Jackson Hewitt's base rate is less than what H&R Block charges. There is a trade-off, however, since Jackson Hewitt has fewer locations to choose from and there's no option to file with a tax professional virtually.

Is Jackson Hewitt worth it? ›

With its low price, simple interface and straightforward approach, Jackson Hewitt works best for bargain hunters who want to finish their taxes and move on with their year. It's also worth considering if you earned money in more than one state and need to file multiple state returns.

Do Jackson Hewitt employees get commission? ›

Hourly based pay. Bonus yes no commission, pay varies on experience and education.

How much does it cost to file a 1099 with Jackson Hewitt? ›

Jackson Hewitt offers just one online filing option that'll cost you $25.

Who is the cheapest to do your taxes? ›

Comparing Tax Software Costs
Tax ServicePricingFree Version?
H&R Block$35-$84 ($37 per state)Yes, basic 1040 for federal and state
FreeTaxUSAfree fed ($14.99 per state)Yes, all federal returns
Cash App TaxesFreeYes, basic 1040 for federal and state
Liberty Tax$45.95-$85.95 ($36.95 per state)No
5 more rows
4 days ago

What is the least expensive way to file taxes? ›

IRS Free File lets qualified taxpayers prepare and file federal income tax returns online using guided tax preparation software. It's safe, easy and no cost to you. Those who don't qualify can still use Free File Fillable Forms.

Do you get more back in taxes if you make commission? ›

The short answer to this question is “Yes.” The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers a commission a supplemental wage—an income payment received by an employee in addition to regular earnings. Examples of supplemental wages include bonuses, commissions, awards, and prizes.

How much is Jackson Hewitt bonus? ›

Jackson Hewitt® is Offering Clients up to a $100 Walmart eGift Card Bonus this Tax Season.

Do employees lose commission on returns? ›

Yes, they do. Even if they were already paid the commission from your purchase, that amount will be taken out of their next paycheck. While this might make you feel guilty making returns, it should really make you more aware of what you purchase to begin with.

Is Jackson Hewitt doing advances for 2023? ›

No Fee Refund Advance is available January 2, 2023, at select locations through February 19, 2023. The Early Refund Advance is only available to individuals who also apply for a No Fee Refund Advance loan. The No Fee Refund Advance loan application requires filing your taxes with Jackson Hewitt beginning January 2nd.

Is it cheaper to 1099 or W2? ›

In most cases, 1099s are cheaper to hire than W-2s. You don't have to pay 1099s health insurance, life insurance, bonuses, stock options, or 401(k) contributions. You also don't have to pay for their training, their downtime, or their worker's compensation.

What tax company is best? ›

Best Tax Software of 2023
  • Cash App Taxes.
  • H&R Block.
  • Jackson Hewitt Tax Service.
  • TaxAct.
  • TaxSlayer.
  • TurboTax.
Apr 1, 2023

Is it better to work for H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt? ›

H&R Block scored higher in 3 areas: Diversity & Inclusion, CEO Approval and Recommend to a friend. Jackson Hewitt scored higher in 1 area: Positive Business Outlook. Both tied in 6 areas: Overall Rating, Culture & Values, Work-life balance, Senior Management, Compensation & Benefits and Career Opportunities.

Does Jackson Hewitt give you an advance on your taxes? ›

Up to $3,500 more! As soon as you get your 2022 W-2 and other tax documents together in January, come back to Jackson Hewitt to complete your tax filing. If you're approved, you can also receive a No Fee Refund Advance loan—which can be up to $3,500.

What is the most a tax preparer can charge? ›

Usually, a tax pro will charge an hourly fee between $100–200 per hour, depending on what kind of tax forms you need to file. If they can get your taxes done in less time, you won't get stuck with a high bill at the end.

How do I get around paying so much taxes? ›

  1. Invest in Municipal Bonds.
  2. Take Long-Term Capital Gains.
  3. Start a Business.
  4. Max Out Retirement Accounts.
  5. Use a Health Savings Account.
  6. Claim Tax Credits.

When should you not do your own taxes? ›

Anytime your taxes are complicated. Hiring a pro is a prudent choice after a major life change like getting married or divorced, having a baby, buying or selling a home or business, experiencing a major health issue, or retiring.

How much does it cost to have someone do your back taxes? ›

Tax preparation fees national averages

$220 for Form 1040 without itemized deductions. $323 for an itemized Form 1040 with Schedule A. $903 for Form 1120S – S corporation.

What is the income limit for IRS free file? ›

Many taxpayers know about the IRS Free File program, which lets people who make less than $73,000 file their federal tax return for free. They should also be sure to check if the program offers no cost filing for their state tax return.

What are negatives to getting paid commission? ›

Disadvantage: Unpredictable Expenses

Naturally, a company that pays commissions would gladly incur high commission costs in exchange for strong revenue performance. However, the uncertainty with commission pay can lead to budget challenges, especially if you sell on account to buyers.

What is the tax bracket for 2023? ›

2023 Tax Brackets (Taxes Due in April 2024)

The 2023 tax year—and the return you'll file in 2024—will have the same seven federal income tax brackets: 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% and 37%. Your filing status and taxable income, including wages, will determine the bracket you're in.

Why do I get taxed so much on commission? ›

Have you got yourself wondering why your commission is taxed differently? A commission is considered a “supplemental wage” by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS defines supplemental wages as wage payments to an employee outside of his or her regular wages.

How much tax is taken out of a $5000 bonus? ›

The federal bonus flat tax rate is 22%. In California, bonuses are taxed at a rate of 10.23%. For example, if you earned a bonus in the amount of $5,000, you would owe $511.50 in taxes on that bonus to the state of California.

What percentage does IRS take from bonuses? ›

A bonus is always a welcome bump in pay, but it's taxed differently from regular income. Instead of adding it to your ordinary income and taxing it at your top marginal tax rate, the IRS considers bonuses to be “supplemental wages” and levies a flat 22 percent federal withholding rate.

Does Jackson Hewitt give you a card? ›

The Temporary Card you received is activated automatically. To receive your Personalized Permanent Card, you will need to set up your online account. Get your routing and account number from the form you received at the Jackson Hewitt office, or find it online on MyJH.

Can a company decide to not pay commission? ›

Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for sales representatives to not receive the commission they were promised. As a commission-based employee, it's important to know your rights to be paid what you promised under your employment agreement. In most instances, an employer's decision to withhold commission wages is illegal.

Can I write off my commission? ›

According to the IRS, sales commissions and related expenses are part of the cost of selling your property. But keep in mind that you can't deduct those fees like you might write off your home mortgage interest. Rather, you would subtract those commission fees from the sales price received from the sale.

Is working off commission good? ›

Commission-based pay is advantageous to employees because they ultimately control how much they make. In many ways, when a company uses commission pay, it does not limit the employee's potential to increase their own income.

How to get the biggest tax refund in 2023? ›

Follow these six tips to potentially get a bigger tax refund this year:
  1. Try itemizing your deductions.
  2. Double check your filing status.
  3. Make a retirement contribution.
  4. Claim tax credits.
  5. Contribute to your health savings account.
  6. Work with a tax professional.
Mar 22, 2023

Will refunds be bigger in 2023? ›

3 the average refund amount for those keeners who have filed their taxes is $1,963. That's a 10.8% decrease from average return of $2,201 on Feb. 4, 2022. This comes as less of a surprise, as the IRS warned in a news release earlier this year that 'refunds may be smaller in 2023.

How will tax returns change in 2023? ›

The tax brackets have changed, too. For people in the 24 percent federal tax bracket, for instance, that rate will kick in for incomes over $95,375 in 2023, or $190,750 if you're married and filing your taxes jointly. That's up from $89,075 for single individuals and $178,150 for married couples filing jointly in 2022.

Why is it worse to get a 1099 as opposed to a W-2? ›

Do you pay more taxes as a 1099? 1099 workers are responsible for 100% of Medicare and Social Security taxes and generally pay them quarterly while W-2 employees are only responsible for 50% of those taxes and have them taken out of their paychecks automatically.

What is the downside to 1099? ›

The Cons of Hiring a 1099 Employee
  • Less Control over Workers. One of the challenges that employers face in the new normal is having less control over their contractors' work. ...
  • Lack of Employee Loyalty. ...
  • Lack of Copyright Ownership. ...
  • Increased Liability for Workplace Injuries. ...
  • Risk of Worker Misclassification.

Why do I pay more in taxes as a 1099? ›

When you work on a 1099 contract basis, the IRS considers you to be self-employed. That means that in addition to income tax, you'll need to pay self-employment tax. As of 2022, the self-employment tax is 15.3% of the first $147,000 in net profits, plus 2.9% of anything earned over that amount.

What are the top 3 tax firms? ›

EY – $45.4 billion (EY Info) KPMG – $34.64 billion (KPMG Info) BDO – $12.8 billion (BDO Accounting Firm Information)
Baker Tilly $4.3 billion.
Firm NameRevenueNumber of Employees
1. Deloitte$59.3 billion411,951
2. PwC$50.3 billion328,00
3. EY$39.9 billion365,399
4. KPMG$34.64 billion265,000
6 more rows
Mar 30, 2023

What are the top 4 tax companies? ›

They are Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG). Aside from auditing services, the Big Four offer tax, strategy and management consulting, valuation, market research, assurance, and legal advisory services.

What are the best worst types of taxes? ›

Rank the following taxes from best to worst: individual income taxes; payroll taxes, corporate income taxes, sales or consumption taxes, and residential property taxes. The vast majority of economists would rank the corporate income tax as being worst and the sales tax and residential property tax as the best.

Is it worth paying for H&R Block? ›

If you can afford it, H&R Block is a solid option for you. It's also a good choice if you want in-person help from a tax expert. H&R Block offices provide you the freedom to start online and then switch to in-person filing if necessary.

How much does H&R Block take of your return? ›

How much does H&R Block's tax service cost? H&R Block offers a free online tax-filing program that includes simple federal and state tax returns. If you need to upgrade based on your tax situation, you'll pay $55 to $110 to complete a federal return, and $37 for each state tax return.

How much does H&R Block premium cost? ›

File with tax software. Premium
Software benefitsBasic $29.95 ChooseDeluxe + State $54.95 Choose
Single or marriedSingle or marriedSingle or married
Have childrenHave childrenHave children
Maximize deductionsMaximize deductionsMaximize deductions
Have investmentsHave investmentsHave investments
4 more rows

Where is the best place to do your taxes? ›

Compare the Best Tax Preparation Service Providers
CompanyCostRefund Advance
H&R Block Best Overall$85Yes
Jackson Hewitt Best for Ease of UseVariableYes
TurboTax Live Best Online Experience$209-$399Yes
EY TaxChat Best for Self-Employed$199No

How accurate is H&R Block tax Estimator? ›

Since launch, the H&R Block tax calculator, designed by Code and Theory, has more than doubled the speed of completion compared to the previous tax calculator—and compared to the competition. Gone are the days of missing commas and zero returns, with users completing the tool with nearly 100% accuracy.

Why am I getting money from H&R Block? ›

If you are filing with H&R Block and are expecting a refund, you may be eligible to apply for a Refund Advance. The Refund Advance at H&R Block is a no interest loan of up to $3,500 that is repaid from your tax refund. That's money you could receive the same day you file to pay bills or unexpected expenses.

Why is my tax return so low 2023? ›

The IRS warned back in November 2022 that “refunds may be smaller in 2023” for various reasons, including the lack of economic impact payments last year and the greater difficulty around deducting charitable contributions.

What is the average tax return for a single person making $60000? ›

If you make $60,000 a year living in the region of California, USA, you will be taxed $13,653. That means that your net pay will be $46,347 per year, or $3,862 per month.

What is the average size of a tax refund? ›

Average tax refund in 2022: $3,039

The average individual income tax refund was $3,039 for the 2021 tax-filing year, a 7.5% increase from 2020 when the average refund was $2,827.

Who is responsible if the tax preparer makes a mistake? ›

Am I Responsible If My Tax Preparer Makes a Mistake? Yes. If you signed on the bottom line, you are responsible for a mistake on your tax returns and you are on the hook for any penalties the IRS charges. That said, the professional who prepared your return may offer to reimburse you for any losses due to errors.

Are accountants liable for incorrect tax returns? ›

The IRS Penalizes Tax Preparers Who Make Mistakes.

Under Sections 6695 and 6695 (the exact same section is listed twice?) [BP1] of the Internal Revenue Code, tax preparers can face IRS penalties for making mistakes on their clients' returns. Similar penalties apply under California state law as well.

Where do tax preparers make the most money? ›

What is the best industry to work in as a tax preparer? As of 2021, more than 95% of U.S. tax preparers work for companies that provide accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, and tax prep services. However, industries such as enterprise management, legal services, and insurance pay higher average salaries.

Who is more expensive Jackson Hewitt vs H&R Block? ›

H&R Block shows, Jackson Hewitt is cheaper for in-person filing and it may also be less expensive for online filing if you have more than just a basic return. Customer support also matters as it's helpful to be able to talk to a tax pro if you need to, even when you're filing your return yourself.

What happens if H&R Block makes a mistake on my tax return? ›

If the H&R Block tax preparation software makes an error on your return, we will reimburse you for any resulting penalties and interest up to a maximum of $10,000. Terms and conditions apply; see H&R Block's Accurate Calculations Guarantee for details.

What is the difference between Plus and Deluxe on H&R Block? ›

The main difference (besides price) between the versions is that Deluxe includes more deduction forms. If you have an HSA, paid real estate taxes or mortgage interest in 2022, or have 1099 income (but no expenses) then you'll need to bump up to the Deluxe edition.


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