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How to write a resume objective [+ template]

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During your job search, it may sometimes be necessary to include a resume objective or a brief statement of your career goals to help explain what you're looking for.

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The objective of a resume is a one or two sentence summary of your most immediate career goals. While it's not necessary to include a resume objective every time you apply for a job, it can help a recruiter or hiring manager understand who you are, what you're looking for, and why you're worth interviewing for.

In this article, we'll look at some scenarios where it might be worth including objectives on your resume, along with a template you can follow to help you capture your unique story and career goals.

Resume Objectives: Key Facts

When applying for a job, the goal of a resume is a personal synopsis that helps explain what you're looking for. It's a way to answer the question "Why do you do this job?"

A strong resume objective often includes the following information:

  1. Who are you

  2. What do you hope to achieve with your next career change?

  3. The value you will add to the position or company.

Resume Target Template + How to Adjust

Curriculum objectives tend to follow certain conventions. For example, many applicants write in the third person, but you can also write in the first person or go straight to explaining your career goals.

Let's look at some examples using the information above:

  • Third person weight:social media coordinator[Who are you]Has agency experience[added value]Looking for a position managing social media strategy, planning and execution for a major healthcare brand.[what do you want].

  • First person weight:I am an institutionally trained social media coordinator.[Who are you]Looking for positions as Social Media Manager[what do you want]I am able to apply my knowledge of the health brand to drive audience awareness and engagement.[added value].

  • The post emphasizes: Looking for a position as social media manager at a healthcare startup[what do you want], I can apply my three years of social media experience using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.[Brand value + who you are].

Tailor your resume objective by determining which format (third person, first person, or job emphasis) best suits your specific needs and vary the way you present the three key pieces of information expected in your objective.

To describe who you are more succinctly, you can e.g. use adjectives that catch the recruiter's attention, such as "smart [title]" or "organized [title]." You can also summarize your experience, such as "[The position] has X years of experience."

When should you use a resume objective?

It's not always necessary to include an objective on your resume, as it can take up valuable space that could be better spent in other ways, such as articulating the impact you've had on your most recent role or providing additional content.Technical skillsHair.

But there are some situations where using a resume objective is more useful than others, including:

  • if you have no experience

  • if you have recently graduated from university

  • If you have played many different types of roles

  • If you are interested in changing career or industry

  • If you are interested in professional development.

  • if you want to move

Each of the above situations can benefit from an explanation of what you hope to achieve in your next role, giving recruiters valuable information to help develop the information on your resume.

Where should the objectives go on a CV?

Depending on your resume format, it's best to place your resume objective near the top, below the title, or to the right of the title. Take a lookthis resume templateLet's take graduates as an example:

How to write a resume objective [+ template] (2)

5 Resume Goal Setting Tips

A resume objective should describe who you are and what you want in no more than two sentences. To make your CV as effective as possible, consider the following tips:

1. Research keywords.

As part of your job search, take note of the keywords that appear in various job descriptions and see if there is a way to incorporate some of them into your goals. For example, if the job description mentions attention to detail, mention this quality when describing yourself or your experience: "Successfuluser experience designerGreat attention to detail. "

2. Tailor goals to each role.

Be sure to tailor your goals for each role by updating the job title you're looking for, what you want to achieve or your desire to work specifically for that company.

3. Describe your experience in detail.

Once you've written your goals, go back and look for options to replace words withaction verband strong adjectives, and identify where you can be specific about your experience.

For example: instead ofProfessional and skilled financial advisors with many years of experience., to be specific but keep it concise:An experienced financial advisor with extensive experience guiding clients through important product decisions.

4. Clarify your values.

The purpose of a CV states what you want, but it is also important to communicate what you can offer the company. Try to connect your goals (career development or mobility) with unique skills that will give the recruiter or hiring manager a clear idea of ​​your value.

5. Emphasize your needs.

Be sure to include specific descriptions, such as part-time, telecommuting, or transfers, as well as the type of position you're seeking, so recruiters immediately know what you're looking for.

Recovery of objective examples - by scenario

Below we have prepared some objective resume templates based on the above scenarios with tips to help you shape your story.

no experience

Since you probably don't have titles to add to your description of yourself, describe some of your greatest strengths. Use first or third person formats to show your strongest points.transferable skills:

  • Organized and detail oriented people looking for an entry level positionCustomer service representativeTake a position with [company name] to improve my communication and sales skills.

  • I am a collaborative team player with good collaboration skills. I am looking for a part-time barista position where I can learn more about customer service and share my passion for coffee.


Highlight your high school diploma or college degree among your goals and relate what you've learned to the position you want to fill:

  • New graduates with computer science degrees are looking for positionsweb designerIn an innovative startup. Extensive experience with HTML/CSS, graphic design and the most important CMS platforms.

  • Get a position on the product team at [company name] where I can apply my MBA and bring my background in strategy, consumer research and UX design.

different roles

Be aware of the transferable skills you develop along the way and how these experiences will help you in your next steps of interest:

  • Collaborative, willing to learn, good at communication, research and design and looking to apply this multi-dimensional experience to a sales role for a luxury brand.

  • I am an experienced communicator with extensive experience in data analysis and design and would like to apply my various educations toMarketing ManagerHold a position with [company name].

Career development

Advancing your career sometimes means applying for a higher position and explaining why you are interested in taking on additional responsibilities:

  • successfulProject coordinatorHe has five years of experience supervising eight direct reports and aspires to be oneproject managerAn industry-leading fintech company.

  • establishedCyber ​​Security AnalystExperienced with multiple frameworks and intrusion detection, he strives to besecurity architectFor a multinational company, I can implement critical design features to protect critical data.

Career change

It is important to explain the reasons behind your desire to change careers and the skills you think will help you make the transition:

  • perceptivedata analystExperience building customer awareness and retention in the edtech space. Interested in applying for a position nowfinancial analystI work for a large financial institution, where I can strengthen my knowledge in trend detection and forecasting.

  • drivesocial media administratorOver seven years of experience in consumer research, audience engagement and go-to-market strategy. interested in spinningMarketing Managerposition and lead [Company Name]'s wider marketing efforts.


Whether you are moving or have already moved, companies may want to know about your wider plans.

  • I am an experiencedGraphical designerI am moving to Denver in February and am looking forward to finding a position with [company name]. I have over four years of experience in web design and am trained in Adobe Creative Suite.

  • innovativeBusiness Intelligence AnalystExperience delivering data-driven insights to three Fortune 500 companies. I am looking for a position with a leading product engineering company in Chicago, where I will be moving in April.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

Simply put, a resume objective looks forward and a resume summary looks backward. A resume objective briefly describes your experience and skills so you can highlight your career goals, while a resume summary allows you to share your career accomplishments without discussing your broader career goals.

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This content is for informational purposes only. It is recommended that students conduct additional research to ensure that courses of study and other credentials meet their personal, professional, and financial goals.


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