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Scranton and Pennsylvania together experience thousands of big rig accidents each year. In 2015 alone, 7,465 major truck accidents were reported in the state. 130 of these accidents were fatal.

Due to the nature of these trucks, they often pose a greater risk on the road than other vehicles. Crashes involving big rig accidents often come with additional legal issues: multiple different defendants, specialized rules for trucks, federal regulations and other complications that make big rig accidents different from regular car accidents.

32 million dollarswrongful death

26 million dollarstruck accidents

17.5 million dollarscar accident

12 million dollarsproduct liability

9 million dollarstruck accidents

8 million dollarstruck accidents

8 million dollarstruck accidents

7.5 million dollarscar accident

6.9 million dollarsgarbage truck accident

6.5 million dollarstraumatic brain injury

5 million dollarsMedical negligence

5 million dollarsbus accident

But there is still hope. with rightsTruck Accident Lawyers in Scranton, any victim can break through the barrier and receive fair compensation for their injuries.

Have you or your family been involved in an accident with a large drilling rig? Contact the personal injury attorneys at Munley Law today for a free consultation. Are you worried about money in this matter? Put your worries to rest - you pay nothing unless we win.

Causes of the Scranton Big Rig Accident

Drilling Accident Attorney in Scranton (1)Accidents caused by trucks and big rigs can complicate your life. In some cases, the consequences of such accidents are so serious that they cannot be undone. If you've been injured in an accident involving a big rig, you can be sure we'll find the cause. This way you can get the compensation you deserve.

Although determining the cause of an accident can be an easy task, it can be challenging at times. Here are the main causes of such accidents:

  • high speed:Some truck drivers and big rig drivers ignore the posted speed limits, causing accidents to other road users.
  • Distracted driving:It is one of the most notorious causes of truck accidents. Things like using the phone, eating, tuning into the radio and reaching for things while driving can distract you. The problem is so persistent that the federal government has taken concrete steps to encourage drivers to pay attention behind the wheel.
  • equipment failure: Poorly maintained trucks and big rigs have a high chance of breaking down. In the event of an accident, such devices often place drivers, pedestrians, passengers and others in the vicinity at high risk of injury or death.
  • Defective tires:Worn tires can be dangerous to others by blowing out, falling off the truck or causing loss of vehicle control.
  • Irresponsible driving:Most drivers rush to meet deadlines, resulting in speeding and evading traffic laws.
  • Inadequate load securing:Some trucking companies do not insure loads safely on trucks. These loads can move and fall or cause accidents.
  • tired driver:The stress of long distances often causes some drivers to lose sleep. Other causes of fatigue include environmental conditions, medical problems and driving on familiar roads.
  • Failure to follow traffic laws - Some trucking companies ignore federal and state traffic laws.

Mistakes to Avoid and Things to Do After the Great Scranton Accident

It would be great if you can get the compensation you deserve. So make sure your case has a solid foundation. In most cases, the injured person unconsciously fails to take the right steps immediately after the accident. As a result, they end up compromising their chances for a fair and just recovery.

Unfortunately, defense attorneys and insurance companies often take advantage of these mistakes to avoid liability. Every driver should know the steps to take in the event of an accident involving a large truck.

Here are the mistakes to avoid and what to do about them:

didn't call the police

If you are hit by a large drilling rig, you must immediately call the police and medical attention at the scene of the accident. Tell the police that you were involved in an accident and think you have been injured.

It is worth noting that the police do not dispatch their officers unless an injury report is received. When investigating a car accident, police officers interview witnesses and collect evidence.

accept settlement offers

Call your insurance company and submit a brief account of the accident. Please note that insurance agents record any conversation you have with them. Refuse to accept a settlement offer.

admit mistakes

Seemingly harmless words could be turned into guilty accusations by truck drivers, insurance companies and defense attorneys. So don't try to show sympathy or sympathy by saying things like "sorry". They may use such small gestures towards you or misinterpret these conversations as admitting mistakes. Don't say you're okay, especially before a health professional checks in. And avoid talking about the accident on social media.

Underestimation of accident-related damages

According to medical researchers, adrenaline can mask the pain of an injury until some time later. This hormone can also make serious injuries seem less serious. Therefore, you must call medical personnel to determine the depth of your injury, especially if you lost consciousness or hit your head.

Talk to insurance companies without talking to Scranton Big Truck Accident Lawyers

It is not advisable to talk to any insurance company, including your own. In most cases, insurance adjusters will try to request information that will help them reduce your claims or avoid liability altogether. So first contact a reputable attorney to represent you in any communication with the insurance company.

An attorney will ensure that any information provided to these companies is accurate so that you can receive fair compensation. Did the insurance attorney call you? Don't rush into a statement before talking to your attorney. Also, do not sign any documents other than a police report.

lack of evidence collection

Be sure to gather as much information as possible about all drivers and vehicles involved in the accident, including large trucks. The information collected includes name, contact details, insurance card, registration card, license and make and model of the car.

Be sure to use your smartphone camera to take photos of the accident scene, maps, driver's license and number plates. And let the driver know your details too. Were there independent witnesses at the scene? Also collect their contact information.

Did other road conditions play a role in the big rig accident? Look out for them: They include obstacles in your line of sight, obstacles in the road, bad weather conditions and ongoing road construction.

Notice or photograph any damage to you and your passengers. Also be aware of your lost wages, lost commissions, lost working time and other expenses due to the accident.

Damage to your car in an accident is important evidence, so don't take it to the repair shop before talking to your lawyer.

INTruck Accident Lawyers in ScrantonAt Munley Law, the personal injury attorneys will collect the most important evidence on your behalf: we get the truck's black box, the truck driver's log book, and more.

Scranton Big Truck Accident Lawyer who understands the seriousness of the truck case

Yes, any accident poses a serious risk to the driver and other road users. But accidents involving trucks and large oil rigs often present more danger. Because?

Heavy load

Most cars weigh around 5,000 pounds, while trucks and semi-trucks typically weigh 80,000 pounds or more. Therefore, such a vehicle can cause more damage to a smaller vehicle in the event of a collision. In addition, most truck owners overload their vehicles with cargo, which increases the likelihood of these trucks losing control. Any wrong turn is enough to dump all the weight, posing a risk to other vehicles and road users.

Driving in hazardous conditions is more challenging

In rain, snow, hail, fog and other adverse conditions, drivers often find it difficult to control the vehicle. Things can get even more dangerous for big truck drivers. Steering a large truck on icy or wet roads is much more challenging, increasing the likelihood and impact of a crash. While ordinary travelers can wait for conditions to improve before continuing their journey, large trucks in most cases do not have that option.

Why handling large rig accident cases is challenging

While any collision can be fatal, solving a truck collision can be even more challenging. Cases are often dynamic because many different parties may be involved as defendants.

Let's say you're driving on I-81 and a big drilling rig collides with you. Your driver was probably the first to consider liability. Remember that the towing vehicle (the cab) and the trailer are two different parts.

The next party to consider is the driver's employer. Are independent contractors paying by mile, freight and location to move the goods? Or are they employees who work for a larger trucking company?

The third person to look at is the owner of the cargo. Did the driver collect it carefully? Who posted it? Is the truck overloaded? What are they transporting (logs, pigs, grain, crates)? Do you ship intermodal containers from the ship?

If the accident is due to equipment failure, you should consult with the person who performed maintenance on the trailer or tractor. The owner of the trailer can also be someone else.

Truck accidents are complex in nature. That's why you need a trained and experienced trucking accident attorney who knows exactly what steps to take to win the most compensation possible and hold the trucking company accountable.

How Our Scranton Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

Are you a victim of the Scranton mega rig accident? You need a lawyer who can help you overcome all of the above obstacles, help you win your case and get a full recovery from your injury and damage. The best part is that you don't pay us unless the job is done. So money is no longer an obstacle on your path to justice.

Since its foundation in 1959, the firm has experienced continued success in personal injury cases. For more than five centuries, clients have enjoyed unparalleled service from a dedicated and experienced team of lawyers. It was neither too difficult nor too easy for this team to solve any of the requirements. No two cases are alike. As such, they offer a unique service to every customer who walks through the door.

Have you or your family been involved in a major oil rig accident? Take action now. Contact the personal injury attorneys at Munley Law for a free consultation.


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