Aviary Attorney - Definitive Edition game information, trailers, platforms and ratings at Chucksgame.com (2023)

Aviary Attorney - Definitive Edition game information, trailers, platforms and ratings at Chucksgame.com (1)

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Bird Prosecutor: Definitive Editionis a video game set in 1848 Paris, thrown into chaos by an impending revolution. Players take on the role of lawyer bird Jayjay Falcon, who must travel through these turbulent times, defend his clients in court and uncover the truth behind the case. In addition to solving puzzles and questioning witnesses, players must also fight corruption within the justice system and fight for justice for the accused. With its unique art style and gripping plot,Bird Prosecutor: Definitive EditionIt offers an exciting journey that transports you to 19th century France.

platform:nintendo switch

release date:30-01-2020

Aviary Attorney - Definitive Edition game information, trailers, platforms and ratings at Chucksgame.com (2)

About the game Aviary Attorney: Definitive Edition

Bird Prosecutor: Definitive Editionis a video game that transports you to Paris in 1848. On the brink of a revolution, it offers players an exciting and unique experience. In this legal adventure game, you take on the role of Jayjay Falcon, a defense lawyer who must help his clients through turbulent times with courage and justice.

As a Jayjay lawyer, it is your job to investigate the crimes and build a defense case by gathering evidence from various sources such as witness statements or documents found at the crime scene. You must also listen carefully to the witnesses so that you can see which words are true and which are lies. As you progress through each case, your decisions will have consequences both in and out of court.

In addition to navigating court cases,Bird Prosecutor: Definitive EditionIt also gives players the chance to explore Paris during this turbulent period in history. Players can get a glimpse of French culture, including art galleries, clubs and bistros, while trying to solve complex mysteries for their customers in an ever-changing political climate. It's up to the players how they choose to spend their time off the field, whether it's looking for clues or just visiting a few sights. Beautiful artwork inspired by classic 19th century European paintings plus challenging brain teasers to test your reasoning skills.Bird Prosecutor: Definitive EditionIt offers an immersive journey into one of the most turbulent times in history. The game invites players from all walks of life, from amateur detectives to seasoned lawyers, to join Jayjay Falcon in his fight against injustice.

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